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Kidsgazette is the first trilingual, and free cultural journal aimed at children in Brussels from birth to 12 years.

kidsgazette #18: 15/10/2016 > 15/04/2017

This 76-page journal is simple and user-friendly. Its aim is to improve family life and help children to discover all that Brussels has to offer culturally. We cover theatre, cinema, festivals, museums, parades, internships, workshops … and lots more. We indicate when events are shown in their original language (FR, NL, EN), and we’ve given pride of place to music and mime shows and to silent movies, which all kids can enjoy.

An exciting challenge: A fun, cultural, and instructive magazine

This project is the brain-child of a young mother who went in search of ideas and outings for children. The initiative has now gone well beyond its original brief - Kidsgazette is now a stimulating, creative, interactive tool for children to work with. Engaging children (and parents) with the rich tapestry of Brussels culture involves asking essential questions about society and how it functions. Looking at issues like citizenship, Europe, biodiversity, and cultural heritage is all part of the fun and the voyage of discovery... The riddles, jokes, games, and witty drawings all help make Kidsgazette a precious resource worth keeping in your bag to delve into for inspiration on what to do in Brussels, and to get your child thinking and reading about life in the city.

Kidsgazette is an airy bubble in a computerised world that flies you to the heart of the city, whose mysteries are beautifully illustrated by original drawings and a surprising graphic design.