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Let’s Celebrate the Year of the Rat !

In Chinese astrology, the new year kicked off on 25 January under the sign of the Rat. Energetic, imaginative and intelligent, the Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac. Do you know why ? Here in Belgium, we’d be in a lot of trouble if we didn’t have rats in our sewers. Imagine if we took a different, less negative, attitude to the rat? On 8th February, Wolf and Kidsgazette invite you to create and discover this little rodent in an off-beat way. Stories, waste and water management draw you into a game of ecology and enviRATment. More info, here.

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Magic Kermesse
A time when Brussels ‘brusselait’… The Midi Fair of the 1930s is the subject of Théâtre du N-ombrîle’s new shadow theatre performance. In CC Jacques Franck, on 19/02 (15:00), 5+. More info, here.

Sound Bubble
The Sésame Library (1030) invites you to its sound bubble, a musical space where you can listen to a selection of records or discover instruments… Wednesday at 10:30 (0-4 ans), 15:30 (4+). More info, here.

The animation festival comes to Brussels during the Carnival holidays. It brings all kinds of heroes – the new, the reworked, the classic and the unusual. Flagey, Cinéma Palace, from 21/02 to 01/03. More info, here.

BELEXPO is the interactive exhibition on the climate and cities of the future. Getting around differently, growing your own vegetables, improving your home… Lots of activities for the whole family. Tour & Taxis. More info, here.
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Pierre de Lune & kidsgazette invite you…
The performance of Dchèquématte, on 14 February at 20:00. In théâtre Marni, for 7 years and upwards. More info, here.
To take part in the competition, send an email before Tuesday 11/02 (12:00), to

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